riemenschneider +

2021 Offenbach am Main
Material: Stahl/ Holz

„What we do is architecture, because it occupies space and time,and the relationship between us and others.Every [structure] on earth is destined for anunknown ceremony.“

„We can also try to design [structures]for completely unknown ceremonies[…]

to see how ourmemory retains the key pieces[…]

and theassembly mechanisms retains, and also tosee how much of so-called functionalismis just a deceptive image of anotherdegree of mental functioning.[…]

The point is: if I manage to design a mysterious[structure] that couldstimulate, would you not think that your emotionat the sight of those [structures]

[…]stems from the samedegree of mystery?“

– Superstudio, Cerimonia (1973)

Vielen Dank an: Benjamin Ebenig, Florian Marenbach, Marius Schmidt